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Liberty and Society Can Exist Together - via Property Rights

Liberty is our birthright - our nature - our requirement for survival.

In the dawn of time Man was born into Liberty. In the State of Nature, man is free. He must seek, then create, the means of his survival - his food, his shelter. It is not given to him, it is not automatic. In the State of Nature, a man alone keeps what he makes through the use of his own reason.

Then man invented Society and Government - and every government from the beginning of time until the founding of the United States was based not on Liberty, but on Force and Coercion.

Every Government from the beginning of time has ended after injustice, torture, enslavement and death of its own people, followed by conquest, murder and enslavement from outside.

This is because we chose Government of expediency - government of tradition - government of the jungle - government of force. We chose a Government in contradiction with our need for Individual Liberty.

But at the founding of the United States, for perhaps the first time in all history on any scale, man had Liberty AND Society. Or came very, very close to it. We were able to accomplish this through recognizing Man's need for Liberty, and defining Rights to ensure that man had Liberty even in Society. Property rights being the primary concept governing our interactions with our fellow man, to ensure everyone's Liberty.

This solved the supposed contradiction between Individual Freedom and Society.

The natural extension of that achievement was corporate business enterprises starting in the mid 1800's.

Inviolate property rights is how each man can in effect have a world to himself, a recreation of the State of Nature - even while living in Society. Inviolate property rights are how each man can share himself and his capital (and the world) with others in a business, to achieve greater ends than one man can alone.

In the 230 years since, however, we have lost our way. We have assaulted the rights of Property every Congress until today, we have a Congress that once again treats us as chattel, actually forcing us to buy products we don't even want. We allowed those who love the real force of the gun, to convince us that our working together voluntarily in corporation was the same as force. In a dramatic moral inversion, the force of the gun became "good" and people working together voluntarily became "force" and evil.

We have but to retrace our steps to 1776, review the errors we made, and return walking forward - with a determination to respect inviolate property and economic rights of our fellow man - including those who work together in corporation. We must ban the initiation of force in private relationships - including by the Government. We must rigorously define Property rights in accordance with the requirements of Man's nature.

We must be free.


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