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American Companies Aid in Torture of Chinese Dissidents - just to make a buck

"Yahoo Sued over Data on Chinese Dissidents" Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, and others are complicit in the arrest, torture, and unjustified detention of much more than just this one person. By opening up local branches in China, these companies are directly aiding and abetting a brutal, tyrannical regime - all to make a buck. Far from the original promise of the Internet, to be a platform for the free spread of ideas, these companies have helped dictatorships mold special "Edited" versions of the Internet for their dictator friends' propaganda machines. By making special versions of their services that comply with the repressive laws of China and other dictatorships, they are directly helping the dictators lie to their own populations, directly helping them keep from their people the truth about freedom and free expression. Were these companies aiding and abetting American mobsters in the same way they help out the Chinese government, the CEOs would all be u