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Republicans must not give moral sanction to ObamaCare

This whole ObamaCare episode is incredibly evocative of the final chapters of Atlas Shrugged. In the novel, as the country is falling apart, there is chaos and confusion on the part of the pro-totalitarian-government forces and their acolytes. Some admit the whole purpose of the exercise was to gain power for themsel ves, and they don't really care if the nation falls apart to get it. Some are terrified and confused. And some (the "Leader" Thompson in the book) don't know what to do - and that's why they arrest John Galt and try to make him an Economic Dictator - under the premise that he can force all the terrible laws they've been passing to somehow achieve good result. John Galt refused to go along with this charade, knowing that the whole root of the collapse was people using force to replace the choices of others with their own: Galt: "If you order me to issue a directive, I will issue the directive you order me to issue." Thompson: "Oh, bu