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A new low in liberal/leftist/"progressive" discourse

A college newspaper in Fort Collins, Colorado, recently had the following to say: Aside from the fact that President Bush had as much to do with the Florida taser incident as he had to do with what I had for breakfast, this so-called "editorial" shows that the leftists of America have nothing to say. Literally. They have nothing to say but to emit an incoherent temper tantrum. They exist at this point merely to scream and stamp their feet like little children. They run around calling anyone that disagrees with their antiquated socialist anti-American politics a "liar". And I am not exaggerating. The leaders of the New Left, the Democrats running for President, all called General Petraeus a liar, they refused to denounce the ad from MoveOn calling him a "betrayer". It is clear where their loyalties lie. The fact that Bush elicits this kind of outrage from leftist idiots is, frankly, to be co

Civil War in Gaza

So you see, the Left's favorite poster children, the so-called "Palestinians", are fighting amongst themselves. The battle rages between the secular-socialist Fatah, and the Islamofascist Hamas. After a few very tenuous months of a power-sharing agreement, they are rapidly devolving into bloody conflict. From this we learn several things. Firstly these Hamas Arabs (funded and trained by Iran) are content to kill each other, their so-called "brothers". There will be no peace with Israel with these fanatics in charge - indeed, with these fanatics alive anywhere. Second, this is the same battle playing out throughout the Muslim world. The forces of socialist modernism versus religious fundamentalism. In Saudi Arabia, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Indonesia - the new is fighting the old for control over people's minds, and willing to murder innocents to achieve that goal. Given the above, we come to the third point - in Iraq, US leftists (aka Socialists) claim

I have nothing against being rich...

but I do have a big issue with people who are so rich, and have been so sheltered from reality their whole lives, that they haven't the faintest clue of what reality is really like. A "BFF" (Best Friends Forever) of Paris Hilton, recently pleaded on ( "I was also in the courtroom [yesterday] and saw a judge hand down a sentence that NO ONE in an even remotely similar position would receive!" and "When she was released she was still very upset, to the point of being physically ill -- and partying was the furthest thing from her mind. She is a loving and sweet soul with a big heart whose character has been misjudged because she was born into a family of wealth and, yes privilege. Now, I ask you to please stop for a moment and try to analyze why it is that you are so troubled by her?" Paris Hilton broke the law. She was caught driving recklessly and DRUNK, endangering other people&#

The Cigarette Witch-hunt Continues

WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan says there is clear evidence that there is no safe level of exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke. Interesting. Yet, Dr. Chan insists only that smoking in public places be banned, instead of the obvious answer: ban all smoking everywhere. If there is "no safe level" of secondhand smoke, logic dictates that there is no safe level of first-hand smoke. Therefore, in the interests of everyone's health, we need to ban tobacco. As well as automobiles, campfires, and paint, because fumes from these things are just as dangerous as second-hand smoke. In fact, the exposure to pollutants from car exhaust is substantially greater than from cigarette smoke. But of course actual public health has nothing to do with it. Puritanical busybodies feel compelled to force you to act in accordance with what THEY think is good for you. If you make a decision different from their beliefs, it's important to their egos and self-worth to insist on a law

"Islamophobia" world's greatest threat

From, "Foreign ministers from the Organization of the Islamic Conference call 'Islamophobia' gravest threat in the world today" Well, tell you what. When Islamofascists stop bombing women, children, and old men in restaurants, and stop flying aircraft into office buildings, we will stop being afraid of Islam.

Democrats Don't Care about Constitutionality

Straight from the horse's mouth, folks: Democrats don't care about the Constitution. Constitution be damned, they're on a mission!! (Bush) also called the original bill unconstitutional for directing war operations "in a way that infringes upon the powers vested in the presidency." Outside the White House, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid bristled at that claim. "We are not going to be submitting our legislation to somebody at one of the law schools to look for its constitutionality. We have an obligation, under the terms of the Constitution, to legislate," he said. "That's our job." ( Remember, they don't care about free speech, the right to defend one's self, or any of the other rights guaranteed by the Constitution. These rights are all subordinate to the goals of Socialism.

American Companies Aid in Torture of Chinese Dissidents - just to make a buck

"Yahoo Sued over Data on Chinese Dissidents" Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, and others are complicit in the arrest, torture, and unjustified detention of much more than just this one person. By opening up local branches in China, these companies are directly aiding and abetting a brutal, tyrannical regime - all to make a buck. Far from the original promise of the Internet, to be a platform for the free spread of ideas, these companies have helped dictatorships mold special "Edited" versions of the Internet for their dictator friends' propaganda machines. By making special versions of their services that comply with the repressive laws of China and other dictatorships, they are directly helping the dictators lie to their own populations, directly helping them keep from their people the truth about freedom and free expression. Were these companies aiding and abetting American mobsters in the same way they help out the Chinese government, the CEOs would all be u

Insanity of the Catholic Church

This morning I watched a debate between Sean Hannity of FoxNews and a Catholic priest. They were arguing over whether, as a Catholic, it's okay to approve of the use of birth control by non-catholics. They both strenuously agreed that no Catholic can rightly use birth control themselves. Last night, I was talking to a friend about one of the Oscar-nominated shorts, called 'Recycled Lives': In Guatemala, over 4,000 people live in (now, next to) the nation's largest garbage dump. Apparently the Catholics see absolutely no connection between their ridiculous adherence to the biblical commandment "Go forth and multiply", and the desperate situation in which these people live in Guatemala. When of course, the impossibility of showing affection to your spouse witho

Gore should eat his own wheaties,2933,254908,00.html See, people like Al Gore go about all day long, preaching their superiority to everyone else, yet at the same time they live lives of gaudy excess. That Al Gore's choices burn up more than 12 times the energy of the average American home seems not to bother him. The idea of living more modestly seems not to have occurred to him. I have seen many people who claim to be "environmentalists" yet drive around every day of the year in the biggest SUV they can find. Sure, they sometimes need one for outdoor activities, but the point is they buy a huge vehicle, and then can't afford to buy anything else for commuting. Many of these same "environmentalists" live in the middle of nowhere and choose a 2-hour-a-day commute, guaranteeing maximum usage of gasoline (not to mention time) to get to and from work. Al Gore claims he is not the height of hypocrisy because he buys carbon emission tokens. Whatever, he is sti

More Global Warming

Two in one day. And the Oregon state climatologist may lose his title because he does not accept the theory that humans are the main cause of global climate change. A Portland TV station is reporting that Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski wants the title taken away from George Taylor — who insists natural cycles explain most of the planet's climate changes. Taylor is a climatologist with Oregon State University — which gave him the title of state climatologist. The governor is seeking the authority to appoint his own climatologist — and says it's important to have one that agrees with the state's goals of reducing greenhouse gasses." This man is not alone. Being politically or religiously persecuted for scientific beliefs has a long tradition. He is also not alone, in that there are many people who believe as he do today. Oregon's Governor, like most Democrats and Socialists, don't want the truth or free speech. They want adherence to their point o
From FoxNews:,2933,250059,00.html "But the prince was criticized for reserving the entire 62-seat first class section of a jumbo jet for his 20-person entourage on that trip to the U.S. — thereby wasting fuel and causing needless carbon dioxide emissions. Some in the royal household note that other family members travel with only one or two aides on their official trips." Of course. It's okay to be a hypocrite as long as you're on a Mission For The Greater Good. Al Gore drove around his entire 8 years as Vice-President in large limousines. Those who make the argument that he needed that for his "protection" forget that the Pope drives around in a much smaller bullet-proof vehicle. Nancy Pelosi apparently requires a much larger aircraft for her entourage, so why not the Prince of Wales?

The Horn of Africa

Lost in the news about the ongoing battles in Somalia, and the US re-entry into Somalia after Clinton's disastrous 1994 "peace mission" there, is the fact that the US is cooperating with many horn of Africa nations in combating Islamic terrorists there. Forces from Ethiopia, Somalia, and Kenya are all cooperating in attacking the Islamofascists in Somalia. Al Qaeda and their homegrown Somali brethren are on the run Of course, Europe is widely condeming the US airstrike which reportedly killed the man behind the 1998 embassy bombings. More to the point, they are widely condemning US military action at all. While Islamofascists in Somalia were oppressing a nation of millions, Europe would prefer to talk. Just talk, talk, talk is all they want and all the world ever gets from Europe. Of course, military action alone does not build a nation. To do that you need ideas, and to get ideas you have to talk. But no constructive dialog is possible when a nation is held on a sho

The Hypocrites of Code Pink

From the Code Pink web site ( "My heart aches when I think about tragedy in the lives of so many in Darfur, and how their cries for help go unheeded, especially by the leaders in this country. Genocide in our time is unacceptable. Our government should be doing everything in its power to stop the suffering, to stop the pain, to stop the violence." -- Medea Benjamin Yet: "January 11 is the International Day to Shut Down Guantanamo. Join protests that will be taking place all over the country." and "As Bush considers sending thousands of additional troops to Iraq to control the violence, our troop death toll has reached the 3,000 mark. It is crucial that we commemorate this grim milestone in Bush's disastrous war by pressuring Congress to bring the troops home NOW , and to stop this insanity NOW!" Code Pink is a steaming pile of h


According to Webster's, compassion is: sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it When we keep alive a human body that has no human soul inside it, we are not acting in compassion. We are not acting out of a respect for "human rights". We are acting selfishly, in avoidance of the pain of loss. Yet people in this situation replace the pain of loss, with a lifetime of suffering. Theirs, certainly. In many cases, that of the helpless patient as well. Being human is more than having human DNA. It's more than having organs, heart lungs and liver. It's more, even, than being alive. Our society has become fixated on the concept of life. We are obsessed with it. It is now assumed that in all cases, no matter what , to be alive is better than to be dead. Yet many things in human behavior that are uniquely human, trade life for something more important. We trade life for love, or for freedom, or to save others. We are a