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How the media distorts the news

Ok, so of course George Soros, Noam Chomsky and Vladimir Lenin think the US news media is controlled by "right-wing corporations". The bias in the media is subtle, but it's there. I know it, you know it - but you just can't quite put your finger on it? Here's an example. July 20 (Bloomberg) -- The day before Tuesday's US Senate vote backing embryonic stem-cell research... Bloomberg (a liberal rag run for the benefit of so-called "right-wing corporations") makes it sound as if George Bush is single-handed stopping stem-cell research. This of course is not true. The bill would have spent federal government dollars on stem-cell research, which sometimes involves getting stem cells from aborted fetuses. This is controversial among some of the President's backers (ya think?) and so he vetoed the bill. What Bloomberg does not bother to mention is that any private company can acquire fetuses and do whatever they want to with them - including harve

Anti-Semitism of the Socialist Left

In the history of the 20th Century, violent anti-semitism is most commonly associated with its most famous executive - Adolph Hitler. However, anti-semitism has a long history in Europe, and in particular, it has a long association with Socialism. Hitler's hatred of Jews was not a freak aberration on the Continent. In fact, part of the reason he rose to power so quickly is that many Europeans sympathized with his beliefs. For a thousand years, Jews in Europe have been vilified; accused of everything from secret control of governments, to hoarding gold, to actually eating babies. Scapegoating Jews is something pretty close to Europe's national pastime, right behind football. The European socialist movements capitalized on this, as one of many weapons of class warfare. In fact, it is still common to this day to see the phrase "Jewish bourgeois nationalists" on socialist web sites. (Google it). Socialists are still firing their "Jews are the cause of all our pro

World War III

World War III is starting to flare up again. This conflict, which started in decades past and will continue for decades more, is the battle of Islamic Fascism versus the free world. The immediate situation started three weeks ago in late June 2006, when Hamas operatives kidnapped an Israeli soldier, then demanded the release of thousands of Palestinian Arab prisoners held in Israel. Of course, many of the Arabs we are talking about are in those prisons for acts of terrorism and violence. Hamas wants them freed for the obvious reason - to help fight their declared war of destruction against Israel. Two days ago, on July 11, Hezbollah did the same, this time crossing the border into Israel, attacking Israeli troops, murdering some and kidnapping two. They fled into Lebanon with the Israeli kidnappees, and again demanded the release of Palestinian prisoners. Hezbollah and Hamas are proxies for Iran and Syria. It is believed Iran funds these and other terrorist groups with $100M or mor