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I am Sick of Politicians Taking Credit for Your Hard Work

It's happening already - politicians such as Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi are taking the credit for your hard work. The past two years have been a very hard time for many. We are now seeing some economic growth and growth of perhaps 4-5% is projected for next year (let's hope it's true). And guess who is taking credit for it? Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. Yet the government cannot create wealth. If the government taxes you to spend money to build a bridge and employ some people, it does so at the expense of the job creation that would have resulted had you been free to spend your own money. The difference is whether you get to act in freedom, or whether the central planner's in Washington's Politburo acts on your behalf - in a distinct lack of freedom. Barry and Nancy are saying "Look at this bridge we built!" while encouraging you not to look at the hundreds of thousands of homes that were NOT built because of radically increased taxes and debt. For

Doing What Terrorists Want Us To

From FoxNews : The Obama administration is pushing back against calls to halt or delay closing the Guantanamo Bay prison in light of the failed Christmas Day terror attack, suggesting that shutting down the prison will undermine terrorist recruitment in the very network that claimed responsibility for last week's plot. Obama is absolutely right about this. If we do exactly what the terrorists want us to do , they will all go home and we will be safe!

Complete and Total Insanity

In a year when the Federal Government has already spent $1.4T more than it has - adding $20,000 in federal debt obligations to each American family -- Obama and his insane Congress want to double-down on the spending. Except it's not doubling, it's increasing far more than that. Hillary Clinton promised to pay $100B to "developing countries to offset the costs of adapting to climate change": This is nothing less than a transfer payment to the 3rd-world, at a time when we can least afford it. When Federal deficits of $1T per year or more are projected through the next ten years , Obama and his cronies are throwing more and more fuel on the fire. So the Democrats have now taken their philosophy of nakedly buying votes with taxpayer money, and are exporting it overseas. $100B is $1,500 per family. Since this wasn't included in any of Obama's budgets, this is on top of the $300,000 national debt per family