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The end of Saddam - the beginning of the end?

It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. A man with the blood of hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, on his hands. Unrepentant to the end, defiant, assured of his right to torture, gas, and put into meat grinders anyone who disagrees with him, who vigorously exercised that right unparalleled in the history of the late 20th century. Yet liberals the world over, particularly in Europe, decry the execution of Saddam Hussein. These misguided souls see no difference between the heinous, unjustified acts of Saddam, and the societal self-defense that was his execution. They see no difference between initiating an act of violence, and responding to that act. A proper system of justice exists to ensure that a criminal cannot repeat his acts. The response by society increases in proportion to the potential future threat that criminal poses to society. The people of Iraq know how dangerous Saddam is, by his history, even if the many Saddam apologists in Europe prefer to bu

Same-old Socialist Sing-Song Rarely is the true intent of Socialists lade bare so clearly as in Mexico in the past few days. "After camping out in Congress for three days in an attempt to control the speaker's podium and prevent Calderon from taking office, Mr Obrador's supporters seized the chamber's entrances yesterday morning. They draped a giant banner across the chamber reading "Mexico doesn't deserve a traitor to democracy as president," and exchanged punches with ruling-party officials." This election was widely monitored by third parties, was ruled by Mexico's highest election courts as valid, and was close. Even though his margin was only 1%, Calderon won the election. The "traitor to democracy" then is clearly those who were using physical force - threats, physical possession of the stage, and violence - to try to prevent the winner of the election from taking office. These