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Comedy Central bows to Islamic Totalitarianism and Censors Themselves

In an act of appeasement worthy of Chamberlain, Comedy Central has recently and repeatedly bowed to Islamic totalitarianism, by censoring themselves. Comedy Central bleeped out all references to the Prophet Muhammad in Wednesday night's episode of the animated show "South Park." ... In addition to bleeping the words "Prophet Muhammad," the show also covered the character with a large block labeled "Censored." In response to this, Comedy Central keystone Jon Stewart, had this to say: " The censorship was a decision Comedy Central made I think as a way to protect their employees from what they believe was any possible harmful repercussions to them, " Stewart stated, adding, comically, that "after forcing many of these same employees to work on [Comedy Central shows] "Mind of Mencia" and "Crod Mandoon" … damage done