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Obama lied to us about a "new era in race relations"

One should not be surprised, that President Obama has been shown to be a liar. This is because Democrats cannot be elected President in this country without lying. Polls and surveys show that the country is consistently conservative, right-of-center, what have you. The majority of Americans do not want government run health care or any other form of liberal nanny-state. Bill Clinton campaigned as a "New Democrat", and was elected overwhelmingly by voters who wanted to punish George Bush Sr for his own lie - raising taxes after promising not to. But the key part is, he campaigned as a centrist. Of course, that was a lie. The moment he got into office, thinking he was secure with a Democrat-controlled Congress, Clinton began pushing a big-government liberal agenda, starting with the nationalization of health care. There was an immediate and violent rejection of this plan, ending in the election of the first Republican-controlled Congress in 50 years. Bbeing the kind of polit