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Democrats are champions at Court-Stacking says of the "nuclear option": Their plan is to throw out 200 years of checks and balances in the Senate, by silencing t he minority party for the first time in American history. It's a maneuver so outrageous t hat even Republicans call it the "nuclear option." It will take 51 senators to defeat the m, and the vote is probably less than a month away. If Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist can twist enough arms to get 51 votes in support of Cheney's ruling, the minority party will be completely silenced for the first time ever. No, indeed, it happened before. Does anyone remember Franklin Delano Roosevelt? And talk about stacking the court. FDR, a Democrat, was the champion at this. What MoveOn.Org means by all this is that they don't want courts stacked with judges the people want, and who will interpret the Constitution based on the plain meaning of its plain words - they want the courts to be full of radical, activist, socialist ju