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Facts never stopped the left..

As soon as Katrina hit, the "Progressives" instantly politicized it, claiming that the Federal Government's response was "racist", trying to claim that in America the poor were at far higher risk for death by natural disaster because a Republican is President. Well, the LA Times (a far left rag itself) did a study. And the results: The well-to-do died along with the poor, an analysis of data shows. The findings counter common beliefs that disadvantaged blacks bore the brunt. The bodies of New Orleans residents killed by Hurricane Katrina were almost as likely to be recovered from middle-class neighborhoods as from the city's poorer districts, such as the Lower 9th Ward, according to a Times analysis of data released by the state of Louisiana. (Click here for text of full article) Of course, these facts will not stop the left from saying that racist Republicans intentionally killed poor blacks in New Orleans. As always, to the left, facts are something tha

When in Rome

Australia is in an uproar over the case of Nguyen Tuong Van, an Australian citizen who was arrested by Singapore authorities in 2002 for drug smuggling - 396 grams of heroin, to be exact. After being duly convicted, he was sentenced to death. Nguyen was on his way to Australia with the heroin, where it could have been split into as many as 26,000 hits, with street value of $500,000 to millions. Australia eliminated the death penalty in 1973. Nobody is claiming that Nguyen is innocent. They are merely arguing that the death penalty is barbaric. Whenever this comes up, it is always discussed in terms of "we can't believe anyone in the 21st century still does this." But the question is really not is the death penalty ever justified (because it is). The questions that should be getting asked, but are not, are: Is Singapore's criminal justice system competent and fair? What is the likelihood that Nguyen is actually innocent? Are there mitigating factors that should be

Louisiana has the wrong priorities

Perhaps, instead of subsidizing sports stadiums, Louisiana and New Orleans ought to spend money instead on protecting their citizens. Oh, wait, sorry I forgot - they expect the rest of the country to do that for them. Silly me. It says right there in the Constitution that the Federal Government's purpose is to bail people out of their own irresponsibility: "Just five months ago, Saints owner Tom Benson cut off negotiations with the state of Louisiana for a long-term Superdome lease that was predicated on an extensive building renovation. What's really sad in light of recent events is that Louisiana was paying Benson up to $15 million a season just so he would keep the Saints in New Orleans. What's worse, the state was forced to borrow $8 million last year just to make Benson's outrageous subsidy, mostly because a major New Orleans revenue source - tourism - had declined after 9-11." - and "Louisiana Go

George Soros

George Soros is a billionaire activist. He considers himself "progressive" (aha, the code-word for "socialist"). Soros declared war on George Bush in 2002 and gave large amounts of money to activist organizations such as in a (failed) attempt to defeat him in the 2004 elections. In 2002, Soros stated: "The supremacist ideology of the Bush Administration stands in opposition to the principles of an open society, which recognize that people have different views and that nobody is in possession of the ultimate truth. The supremacist ideology postulates that just because we are stronger than others, we know better and have right on our side. The very first sentence of the September 2002 National Security Strategy (the President's annual laying out to Congress of the country's security objectives) reads, 'The great struggles of the twentieth century between liberty and totalitarianism ended with a decisive victory for the forces of freedom

Lions and tigers and bears...

Okay, so we actually do have lions and bears in North America. As well as cougars, wolves, and a variety of other predators. Not to mention a large variety of food for those predators. But apparently some guilt-ridden busybodies want to take African "megafauna" (i.e., very large animals, such as elephants, African lions, cheetahs, etc) and "re-wild" North America with them. You see, they feel bad that some species went extinct in North America at the end of the last Ice Age 13,000 years ago, and think that we ought to "fix" things. There are numerous, substantial problems and errors with this idea. 1. Large predators are dangerous to human beings. Just wait until these researcher's giant kitties start eating pets and children. 2. While ice age megafauna were clearly hunted by Homo Sapiens, we don't really know if it was Homo Sapiens that was responsible for their extinction. It could

Out of the mouths of religious kooks

My friends know that I am generally supportive of George Bush. But his recent comments suggesting that "intelligent design" should be taught in schools alongside evolution were just plain dumb. "Intelligent Design" is nothing more than a pseudo-scientific whitewash of Christian creation myth. The notion that "life is so complex it must have been created by an intelligence" is not only simplistic and primitive, it's just plain wrong. If life was created by an intelligence, it was an incompetent intelligence. E.g., why do I have an appendix? All it does is collect crap and get infected. Does the Creator belong to a union that protects this kind of incompetence? There is an overwhelming mountain of evidence supporting evolution. To compare this to "intelligent design" and to teach kids that the two are somehow equivalent unproven "theories" is to show no understanding of how science works, and ignores that mountain of evolutionary

A Very Christian Metaphor

"BALTIMORE -- A particle accelerator is being used to reveal the long-lost writings of the Greek mathematician Archimedes, work hidden for centuries after a Christian monk wrote over it in the Middle Ages." There is no better metaphor for what Christians want to do to all science - replace it with their nonsensical scribblings and primitive world-view.

MoveOn Watch: The Nuclear Option

Resistance to the Nuclear Option, to the placing of Bush's judges on the bench, has nothing to do with preserving the "time honored rules of the Senate". It's about preventing a rollback of "laws from the bench" that socialist judges have foisted on the United States for the past 70 years. shows this in their latest missive. According to If you care about the minimum wage — and you don't want judges ruling it unconstitutional — now's the time to act. If you care about environmental laws — and you don't want judges striking them down — now's the time to act. If you care about your right to privacy — and you don't want the government telling your family how to live, worship, or even how to die — now's the time to act. In fact, I do want judges striking them down - because they are patently unconsitutional. So-called "Progressives" (aka Socialists) have abused the power of the Federal judic

Democrats are champions at Court-Stacking says of the "nuclear option": Their plan is to throw out 200 years of checks and balances in the Senate, by silencing t he minority party for the first time in American history. It's a maneuver so outrageous t hat even Republicans call it the "nuclear option." It will take 51 senators to defeat the m, and the vote is probably less than a month away. If Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist can twist enough arms to get 51 votes in support of Cheney's ruling, the minority party will be completely silenced for the first time ever. No, indeed, it happened before. Does anyone remember Franklin Delano Roosevelt? And talk about stacking the court. FDR, a Democrat, was the champion at this. What MoveOn.Org means by all this is that they don't want courts stacked with judges the people want, and who will interpret the Constitution based on the plain meaning of its plain words - they want the courts to be full of radical, activist, socialist ju

Leftist Conspiracies

"A new survey shows that a majority of African-Americans believe a cure for AIDS (search) has been found but deliberately withheld from the poor. The survey, conducted by Oregon State University (search) and the Rand Corporation (search), also found that nearly half of the African-Americans believe the AIDS virus is man made. In addition, 27 percent say AIDS was produced in a government lab. Sixteen percent say AIDS was created by the government to control the black population. Fifteen percent say AIDS is a form of genocide against blacks. And 12 percent say it was created and spread by the CIA.",2933,145460,00.html and also: In a Benneton advertisement (see November 12, 1992 edition of Rolling Stone for an example), movie director Spike Lee said, "AIDS is a government-engineered disease." When someone like Spike Lee goes onto a national forum says exactly the same unsubstantiated, race-hate-mongering tripe (back in the 90&

Progressives love the Argument from Intimidation

Again, the liberal elite attempt to intimidate the free discussion of views that oppose them: "FOX Like Hitler? CNN founder Ted Turner is comparing FOX News Channel to Adolph Hitler, insisting that while FOX News may be popular, Adolph Hitler was also popular when he came to power 'was elected to power just before World War II'. Speaking to the National Association of Television Program Executives earlier to day, Turner also accused FOX News of being the Bush administration's propaganda tool. Insisting, "it's certainly legal. But it does pose problems for our democracy. Particularly when the news is dumbed down." A FOX News spokesperson says, "Ted Turner is understandably bitter having lost his ratings, his network and now his mind. We wish him well." Amen, Fox. In one quote Turner says that Fox and its viewers are Nazis. Way to go, Ted. That kind of high-brow thinking will get you a gold medal in Philosophy 101 - but only at Harvar

The Left is Racist

"California Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer pursued a curious line of attack during Condolee zza Rice's confirmation hearing this week. Rice, one of the principal architects of the a dministration's Iraq policy, was clearly vulnerable to charges of helping produce a misgu ided, if not misleading, rationale for the Iraqi invasion, as well as poor postwar planni ng. Saddam Hussein clearly was not the threat Rice had proclaimed. Her paper trail of mis statements virtually invited a congressional attack on her record. But Boxer, rather than sticking to Rice's performance as national security adviser and her qualifications to di rect U.S. foreign policy, chose instead to gratuitously characterize her as a Bush loyali st who was blindly parroting pro-Iraqi war lines without regard for whether they were tru e." -- Mr. King, the Left viciously attacks and slanders any black person who does not toe t

The Left does NOT Stand for Free Speech

From on January 20, 2005: Keep Sinclair's Bias Off The Local News Every night, Sinclair Broadcasting vice president Mark Hyman gives a conservative rant - called "The Point" - which most of Sinclair's 62 stations are required to air dur ing their local news. "The Point" predictably attacks Democrats and progressives while pr aising George Bush. No counterpoint is offered. Our friends at Media Matters for America are spearheading a campaign to demand balance on Sinclair's evening news by telling Sincl air's advertisers about the partisanship they're supporting. Contact Sinclair's local and national advertisers. Of course, says nothing about stopping the New York Times from continuing its massively slanted editorials. They don't want to stop THAT news outlet from editorializing, only because happens to agree with the NYT socialist slant. The fact that MoveOn uses the word "Rant