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Seattle Times distorts the Iraq War Now in its fourth year, the war has taken a heavy toll: More than 2,600 Americans have died and many more Iraqis have been killed. Last month alone, about 3,500 Iraqis died violently, the highest monthly civilian toll so far. So let's be clear about "the war". There is no "the war". There are a multitude of conflicts currently playing out in Iraq. The current war that the US is directly engaged in, is among violent Islamofascists who want the US out of Iraq so they can take over and establish an Islamic dictatorship. Aside from that, there is the "sectarian violence" which is Shiites slaughtering Sunnis in exchange for 30 years of Sunni slaughter of Shiites - and vice versa going back 1,400 years. And, some number of these deaths were perpetrated by criminal gangs similar to our own mafia, who have been kidnapping and beheading for ransom for many decades in Iraq. The Seat

The Anfal Campaign

From the Washington Post, Months later, the first of eight waves of the Anfal campaign was launched, lasting until the end of 1988 and moving systematically across northeastern Iraq. The military bombarded villages, sometimes with mustard gas and nerve agents, then sent in troops to raze the communities. Families were taken to camps by the truckload, while in some cases men were executed on the spot, the rights group's report said. THE CAMPS: Tens of thousands were taken to prison camps in northern and central Iraq, where men and boys were separated from their families. Most of the males disappeared, executed by firing squad and buried in mass graves. Women, children and elderly were held for months in crowded, unsanitary conditions that caused further deaths, according to Human Rights Watch." This was precisely Hitler's "final solution" to the "Jewish problem". Plea