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The Horn of Africa

Lost in the news about the ongoing battles in Somalia, and the US re-entry into Somalia after Clinton's disastrous 1994 "peace mission" there, is the fact that the US is cooperating with many horn of Africa nations in combating Islamic terrorists there. Forces from Ethiopia, Somalia, and Kenya are all cooperating in attacking the Islamofascists in Somalia. Al Qaeda and their homegrown Somali brethren are on the run Of course, Europe is widely condeming the US airstrike which reportedly killed the man behind the 1998 embassy bombings. More to the point, they are widely condemning US military action at all. While Islamofascists in Somalia were oppressing a nation of millions, Europe would prefer to talk. Just talk, talk, talk is all they want and all the world ever gets from Europe. Of course, military action alone does not build a nation. To do that you need ideas, and to get ideas you have to talk. But no constructive dialog is possible when a nation is held on a sho

The Hypocrites of Code Pink

From the Code Pink web site ( "My heart aches when I think about tragedy in the lives of so many in Darfur, and how their cries for help go unheeded, especially by the leaders in this country. Genocide in our time is unacceptable. Our government should be doing everything in its power to stop the suffering, to stop the pain, to stop the violence." -- Medea Benjamin Yet: "January 11 is the International Day to Shut Down Guantanamo. Join protests that will be taking place all over the country." and "As Bush considers sending thousands of additional troops to Iraq to control the violence, our troop death toll has reached the 3,000 mark. It is crucial that we commemorate this grim milestone in Bush's disastrous war by pressuring Congress to bring the troops home NOW , and to stop this insanity NOW!" Code Pink is a steaming pile of h


According to Webster's, compassion is: sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it When we keep alive a human body that has no human soul inside it, we are not acting in compassion. We are not acting out of a respect for "human rights". We are acting selfishly, in avoidance of the pain of loss. Yet people in this situation replace the pain of loss, with a lifetime of suffering. Theirs, certainly. In many cases, that of the helpless patient as well. Being human is more than having human DNA. It's more than having organs, heart lungs and liver. It's more, even, than being alive. Our society has become fixated on the concept of life. We are obsessed with it. It is now assumed that in all cases, no matter what , to be alive is better than to be dead. Yet many things in human behavior that are uniquely human, trade life for something more important. We trade life for love, or for freedom, or to save others. We are a