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The Cigarette Witch-hunt Continues

WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan says there is clear evidence that there is no safe level of exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke. Interesting. Yet, Dr. Chan insists only that smoking in public places be banned, instead of the obvious answer: ban all smoking everywhere. If there is "no safe level" of secondhand smoke, logic dictates that there is no safe level of first-hand smoke. Therefore, in the interests of everyone's health, we need to ban tobacco. As well as automobiles, campfires, and paint, because fumes from these things are just as dangerous as second-hand smoke. In fact, the exposure to pollutants from car exhaust is substantially greater than from cigarette smoke. But of course actual public health has nothing to do with it. Puritanical busybodies feel compelled to force you to act in accordance with what THEY think is good for you. If you make a decision different from their beliefs, it's important to their egos and self-worth to insist on a law

"Islamophobia" world's greatest threat

From, "Foreign ministers from the Organization of the Islamic Conference call 'Islamophobia' gravest threat in the world today" Well, tell you what. When Islamofascists stop bombing women, children, and old men in restaurants, and stop flying aircraft into office buildings, we will stop being afraid of Islam.

Democrats Don't Care about Constitutionality

Straight from the horse's mouth, folks: Democrats don't care about the Constitution. Constitution be damned, they're on a mission!! (Bush) also called the original bill unconstitutional for directing war operations "in a way that infringes upon the powers vested in the presidency." Outside the White House, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid bristled at that claim. "We are not going to be submitting our legislation to somebody at one of the law schools to look for its constitutionality. We have an obligation, under the terms of the Constitution, to legislate," he said. "That's our job." ( Remember, they don't care about free speech, the right to defend one's self, or any of the other rights guaranteed by the Constitution. These rights are all subordinate to the goals of Socialism.