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Friday, February 09, 2007

More Global Warming

Two in one day.
And the Oregon state climatologist may lose his title because he does not accept the theory that humans are the main cause of global climate change. A Portland TV station is reporting that Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski wants the title taken away from George Taylor — who insists natural cycles explain most of the planet's climate changes. Taylor is a climatologist with Oregon State University — which gave him the title of state climatologist.

The governor is seeking the authority to appoint his own climatologist — and says it's important to have one that agrees with the state's goals of reducing greenhouse gasses."

This man is not alone. Being politically or religiously persecuted for scientific beliefs has a long tradition. He is also not alone, in that there are many people who believe as he do today.

Oregon's Governor, like most Democrats and Socialists, don't want the truth or free speech. They want adherence to their point of view, they want political correctness.


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