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Saturday, October 03, 2009

It's about American Ideas, Stupid

Aside from the question of why the President of the most powerful nation on earth, who should be focusing on winning two wars, removing obstacles to renewed economic growth, and a myriad of foreign policy problems spent time to go to Copenhagen to give a sales pitch for the Olympics, the result -- which has surprised leftist cheerleaders of Obama -- was that he failed.

The Fox article above says "perhaps his international star power has limits", but misses the point.

Well of course his star power has limits. And the limit is that many in the world hate America because of her ideas, because of what she represents. Hatred for America preceded George Bush and as Obama is perhaps now starting to realize, it exists after George Bush too.

The rest of the world cheers Obama when he denigrates and insults America, when he supplicates himself to the likes of Abbas, Ghadafi, Chavez, and Ahmadinejad. But they are not cheering Obama because he's not Bush. They are cheering the denigration of America. For the same reason, legions of leftists and socialist dictators alike prayed for the election of Obama. Throughout his campaign he insulted, assulted, and apologized for America and America-haters worldwide ate it up.

Obama doesn't understand that even though he keeps throwing Bush under the bus, that the animosity the world feels toward the US was not about one man. It is about us, our identity, our values and ideals, and the place in the world which we have earned through a dedicated, single-minded adherence to freedom.

Perhaps Bush reminded others more pointedly about why they hate us. But clearly we see that they hate us even with Obama in charge. Does Obama get that now? I pray he does, for if he continues to narcissistically think that international praise for him is about HIM as opposed to the fact that he badmouths and bashes America, his foreign policy will continue to be disastrous. And that puts us and hundreds of millions of other free peoples at great risk.