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Monday, April 28, 2008

Obama's Reverend Wright begins Race-Baiting

From the New York Times, April 28 2008:
"Asked why he chose to speak out now, Mr. Wright said: “On November the 5th and on January 21st, I’ll still be a pastor. As I’ve said, this is not an attack on Jeremiah Wright. It has nothing to do with Senator Obama. This is an attack on the black church launched by people who know nothing about the African- American religious tradition.”
Is Wright telling us, that it's the "African-American religious tradition" to spread and bolster the dangerous lie that the US Government created the AIDS virus to kill blacks? To spread the dangerous lie that "Israel is responsible for 9/11"?

If so, that's a "tradition" that should be stopped in its tracks. Some 30% of American blacks believe the nonsense about AIDS being government-created. It's largely due to people like Wright - prominent blacks in the public eye, spreading this falsehood.. why? I can't say why. But Wright, Spike Lee, and many other prominent blacks are pushing this myth.

It's dangerous, because people who believe this evil idea will act on it. It's yet more self-destructive, victim mentality thinking by a black sub-culture that desperately needs to stand on its own two feet and stop blaming others for its ills: such as the high crime and murder rate between and among young black males, unwed teen mothers, and drug abuse. People who believe that the government is actively murdering them, are likely to feel there is no point in trying to change their destructive lifestyle.

And no matter how much Wright race-baits, no matter how much he wants to turn this into some white vs. black issue, it's not. Ignorance and lies are not the province of races. They are traits of individuals - individuals such as Wright. It is people like Wright who are at this point responsible for helping keep a significant percentage of blacks oppressed, by continuing to play his game of race-baiting.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Elton John is.. well, a twit

"NEW YORK (Reuters) - British pop star Elton John, playing a fund-raiser for Hillary Clinton in New York on Wednesday, said he was amazed at the misogyny of some in America and he hoped that wouldn't stop her being president.

At the fund-raiser which Clinton's campaign manager said raised $2.5 million, John said there was no one more qualified to lead the United States into the next era.

"Having said that, I never cease to be amazed at the misogynistic attitude of some people in this country. And I say to hell with them," he said, drawing cheers from the crowd at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan."

First off, the last time America cared what the British thought of America's political process, was 1776.

Second, this is the same tired song of the race-baiters. You can't criticize a black socialist, because that makes you a racist. Now as Elton John shows, you can't criticize a woman without being called a "misogynist".

Let's get something straight, "Sir" Elton: some of us oppose Hillary because she is a socialist, not because she's a woman! How about that! Some of us oppose her because she was involved in scandals, is a carpetbagger, and shows siginificant lack of judgement in her continued support of her cheating husband who lied under oath to a grand jury.

None of that has anything to do with being a woman. So, if you don't mind, the British can go back to minding their own business when it comes to American politics - at least, if you are only going to go around spouting inane nonsense like this.

p.s. If there truly is "no one more qualified to lead America", we're in trouble.