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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Double standard or consistent behavior?

So, Arabs are outraged at the abuse at Abu Ghraib, and they are really really outraged, to the point of rioting, arson and murder about cartoons.

Where is the Arab outrage at the mass graves in Iraq?

Perhaps they have a double-standard. Perhaps a Muslim being mistreated by another Muslim is okay, but a Muslim being mistreated by an "infidel" is bad. It could be an aspect of the "anything we do is good, anything America does is evil" America-bashing that is prevalent throughout the world.

Or perhaps they are being perfectly consistent. Perhaps the issue is not that Muslims are dead - perhaps it is that Shiite Muslims are dead. After all, according to some counts, Sunni's make up the vast majority of Muslims, as much as 90%.

So perhaps the real answer is that most Muslims simply feel the same way their Brother Sunni Saddam did - Shiites are not real muslims and deserve to die like animals right alongside the infidels.

This view is consistent not only with the specific situation in Iraq where Sunnis persecuted and worked to exterminate Shiites. It is consistent with the constant examples of the Muslim nature of violent, animal savagery.

Hey, they've been brutally slaughtering people for thousands of years. Who are we to tell them any different?

Don't mistake my comments here for racism - they are not. I fully believe there is no reason Arabs and other people who are Muslims cannot act in a civilized manner. The issue is that their culture and religion are based in violence, and they don't care to change it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

You've proven the point already

And almost two weeks later it's still going on. Regarding violent riots in Pakistan where businesses were burned down, and people were killed. From the New York Times:

Incensed protestors in Peshawar burnt the Danish flag and effigies of the Danish prime minister while chanting "Death to Denmark."

Local officials said one person was killed there due to electrocution, but news reports said the man was killed by a power cable that snapped from gunfire by protestors. Local media also reported that an 8-year-old child was killed by a bullet shot to the head.

Akram Khan Durrani, the chief minister of the Northwestern Frontier Province, which includes Peshawar, condemned the violent riots but sympathized with the spirit of the protests. "Protest is a democratic right', Mr. Durrani said in a televised interview, adding that "emotions of Muslims have been hurt because of the cartoons."

"The people behind the cartoons are the biggest terrorists. The government of Denmark should have taken them under arrest. They have incited the emotions of Muslims around the world," Mr. Durrani said.

So Mr. Durrani is all for Democracy unless you say something unpopular, in which case you should be put under arrest. Sounds about right for the backward, ignorant, barbaric Muslim world.

But indeed he is right about one thing. Beware a pissed-off Muslim. They have no anger management skills, and their violence is always justified by the Koran, a book which details Mohammed's rise to power through violent conquest, and the conversion of people to his "religion" at the point of a sword.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Proves the point..

"DAMASCUS (Reuters) - Furious Syrians set fire to the Danish and Norwegian embassies on Saturday as protests over cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad showed no signs of abating despite calls for calm."

The violent response to a bunch of stupid cartoons clearly proves the point of the cartoons. The followers of Mohaemmed are just like Mohammed was - intolerant, brutal, and violent.