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A Very Christian Metaphor

"BALTIMORE -- A particle accelerator is being used to reveal the long-lost writings of the Greek mathematician Archimedes, work hidden for centuries after a Christian monk wrote over it in the Middle Ages."

There is no better metaphor for what Christians want to do to all science - replace it with their nonsensical scribblings and primitive world-view.

MoveOn Watch: The Nuclear Option

Resistance to the Nuclear Option, to the placing of Bush's judges on the bench, has nothing to do with preserving the "time honored rules of the Senate". It's about preventing a rollback of "laws from the bench" that socialist judges have foisted on the United States for the past 70 years. shows this in their latest missive. According to
If you care about the minimum wage — and you don't want judges ruling it unconstitutional — now's the time to act.If you care about environmental laws — and you don't want judges striking them down — now's the time to act.If you care about your right to privacy — and you don't want the government telling your family how to live, worship, or even how to die — now's the time to act.
In fact, I do want judges striking them down - because they are patently unconsitutional.
So-called "Progressives" (aka Socialists) have abused the power of the Federal judiciary for over 70 yea…