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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Democrats and Racism (and Sexism, too)

I make no bones about it - Democrats are racist.

If the reaction of Democrats to the success of Condoleeza Rice wasn't enough proof (Democrats routinely engage in hysterical, childish, sleazy and disgusting name-calling of her, the least offensive of which is to call her an "Uncle Tom"), you need only look at the Democratic primary race.

No, I'm not referring to the buzz over Geraldine Ferraro's comments:
Geraldine Ferraro has left Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s finance committee, saying that Senator Barack Obama’s campaign was twisting her words to make her appear racist and that this was hurting Mrs. Clinton, a campaign official confirmed after CNN reported the development.
In fact, Ferraro nailed it right on the head. The fact is that blacks are overwhelmingly voting for Obama, and women (in some states) are voting overwhelmingly for Clinton.

In short, they are making their electoral choices on the basis of skin color or sex - not on doctrine, not on experience, not on political views.

I am reminded of my step-mother who in 1992 said, "I'm voting for Bill Clinton because he is very good-looking!"

Lots of other women did, too, and many other women were more directly taken in by his charm, used up and discarded like so much smeg-ridden Kleenex.

In a democracy, everyone gets the government they deserve. Just remember that on January 22, 2009.