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Sunday, January 11, 2009

A most disgusting display of distraction

Governor of Illinois Rod Blagoyevich gave a press conference after his impeachment by the Illinois House. It was a spectacle, involving using a bunch of poor schmucks as his political tools, crassly parading Illinois citizens as his own political shield.

He spoke about everything except the charges against him, basically attempting to distract attention away from his attempts to sell Obama's senate seat, by listing supposed accomplishments of his administration.

That most of those accomplishments involved him doing an end-run around the law and against the intent of the legislature seems not to be a big deal to him.

Blagoyevich is a clear example of the "imperial executive", that which people often claimed Bush was, but which Blagoyevich actually is. It is not surprising that it's a Democrat who acts the king, since Democrats believe that the power of government is supreme over the individual and that it is right and proper to use government power (coercion) to do what they believe is in people's best interests.

It is heartening that even the Democrat party in Illinois is willing to buck the power of the Chicago machine in the guise of Blagoyevich. Impeachment and a federal conviction seems certain. It is also certain that Blagoyevich's arrogance will not be swayed by either of these, but that won't be our problem any more.

At any rate, add a very large name and a very large checkmark to the Democrat Hall of Shame. Ethics Smethics.

Next in line: Bill Richardson.