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Friday, February 09, 2007

From FoxNews:,2933,250059,00.html

"But the prince was criticized for reserving the entire 62-seat first class section of a jumbo jet for his 20-person entourage on that trip to the U.S. — thereby wasting fuel and causing needless carbon dioxide emissions.

Some in the royal household note that other family members travel with only one or two aides on their official trips."

Of course. It's okay to be a hypocrite as long as you're on a Mission For The Greater Good. Al Gore drove around his entire 8 years as Vice-President in large limousines. Those who make the argument that he needed that for his "protection" forget that the Pope drives around in a much smaller bullet-proof vehicle.

Nancy Pelosi apparently requires a much larger aircraft for her entourage, so why not the Prince of Wales?


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