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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Gore should eat his own wheaties,2933,254908,00.html

See, people like Al Gore go about all day long, preaching their superiority to everyone else, yet at the same time they live lives of gaudy excess. That Al Gore's choices burn up more than 12 times the energy of the average American home seems not to bother him. The idea of living more modestly seems not to have occurred to him.

I have seen many people who claim to be "environmentalists" yet drive around every day of the year in the biggest SUV they can find. Sure, they sometimes need one for outdoor activities, but the point is they buy a huge vehicle, and then can't afford to buy anything else for commuting.

Many of these same "environmentalists" live in the middle of nowhere and choose a 2-hour-a-day commute, guaranteeing maximum usage of gasoline (not to mention time) to get to and from work.
Al Gore claims he is not the height of hypocrisy because he buys carbon emission tokens. Whatever, he is still putting a drain on the grid that is ultimately causing the emission of carbon dioxide. Through his own effort he could do 12 times what the average person could do.

It's time to put up, or shut up, Al.


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