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The Moral Inversions of Barack Obama

The purpose of government is to protect our rights, our individual liberty. Yet Barack Obama has turned our government into a tool to destroy the very concepts of individuals, rights, and morality.

Wall Street Bailout - companies that recklessly gambled with financial instruments they didn't understand, were rewarded with hundreds of billions of dollars of bailouts. Banks that were responsible and did not have problems, were forced to take government money and be subjected to government control anyway, and paid a price for bailout money that they didn't need.

States bailout - left-wing states such as California and Illinois which boast large welfare apparatus and progressive taxation, are the hardest-hit by the recession because their tax structures are set up to punish the wealthy, and in a recession the wealthiest are the ones who get hit the hardest. In California, the powerful public employees unions have engineered outrageous pensions and salary increases, while around them the economy crumbles. A large part of the Federal bailouts went to states like California, in effect, rewarding these unions and state legislatures for their economic irrationality. And of course the ones being forced to pay for the irrational state bailouts, are those states that have carefully managed their budgets.

GM - rewarded the UAW and GM management whose greed and poor product and marketing decisions led the company to bankruptcy. Punished Americans through higher taxes, who purchased cars from responsible companies. $50B taxpayer dollars later, they have produced all of 10,000 'Volt's, a $41,000 electric car that can go all of 40 miles. But they sure succeeded in buying the votes of a lot of UAW cronies for the Democrats.

Homeowner bailouts - The government planned on spending $75 Billion to reward people who irresponsibly bought homes they couldn't afford, and punished through taxation, those who lived within their means. Those who have scrupulously managed their personal budgets, and not squandered their money, in order to be sure they could always make their mortgage payments -- these people's children will now pick up the tab for all the people who did not act responsibly.

Gulf oil spill - The government's response to the BP Gulf oil spill, was to institute a moratorium on new drilling - to punish everyone who DIDN'T make a mistake, who DIDN'T spill a drop of oil, costing tens of thousands in the Gulf region their jobs.

Cap-and-Trade: companies which produce oil - which runs our cars and trucks, heats homes, is the source of plastics, clothing, life-saving pharmaseuticals - are evil. They are to be prevented from creating this incredible value (considered evil by Obama) by forcing them to buy the right to exist from Al Gore's "cap and trade exchange". This would net Al Gore and his cronies billions of dollars for doing nothing, while costing Americans a massive cost of living increase.

Health care bill - the key element of the health care bill is the new regulation that requires insurance companies to provide insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions. In other words, a person can fail to take care of their own health, wait until they are sick to get insurance, in effect forcing other people to pay for their lack of attention to their own body. Those who mind their health and take responsibility for their weight and nutrition, pay extra to cover emergency treatment for those who are fat, don't eat right, and smoke.

The whole shebang - all told, Obama is saddling future generations with many, many trillions of dollars in debt. This is the greatest moral inversion of all, saddling the unborn, oppressing future generations with the yoke of OUR irresponsibility and OUR immorality. They are the ones who will pay the price, in a seriously weakened economy, in a degenerate country which will make Greece look like a day in the park. Our children will work their whole lives to repay what Barack Obama is doing in these few short years, they will profit not from their own lives, and they will suffer from a significantly diminished standard of living.

The pattern of behavior exhibited by Obama's government is one of consistently rewarding the unjust, and punishing the just. Giving money to those proven to squander it, while taking it from those who have earned and saved it. From those according to their ability, to those according to their immorality.

Yes, I'm going to use the word again: immoral. A person who expects others to pay for his mistakes, is immoral. A person who expects others to fulfill her irrational wishes to live beyond her means, is immoral. There is no other word for it. And Barack Obama, the 21st century's biggest cheerleader for Socialism, is enabling this kind of twisted, topsy-turvy immoral thinking on a vast scale never before seen in America, when even the European Socialist states are beginning to fail and back away from the idea of the State as God and Provider of All Things.

But this is precisely the defining characteristic of Socialism. It is by design, and it is intended to utterly destroy the very concept of individuality. For what can be more individual than a human being acting according to standards of good or evil and to be judged accordingly? But people with a moral center are not people that are easily turned into cogs in the Socialist state's machinery. To create the mentally impotent robots that Socialism requires, morality must be redefined to be state-centered instead of based on the individual. The moral inversions of Barack Obama are precisely intended to destroy morality, to destroy an individual's incentive to rise or fall on their own effort, to turn everyone into a dependent of the state, to make everyone a slave of everyone else. That is the "equality" of Socialism.

To save ourselves and our children and grandchildren, to save our very souls, we must end this!


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