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The young demographic will overwhelmingly elect Obama!

This is an argument I keep hearing. I heard it in 2004 and 2006. While 2006 resulted in some gains for the Democrats it was not the anti-war landslide the pundits were predicting.

So, Democrats are getting people registered. Lots of young people. "We're going to win this election, see how many people we're registering!"

The capacity of young, wide-eyed energetic liberal types for self-delusion never ceases to amaze me.

Unfortunately for them, logic will prevail: Trouble is, young people generally don't show up to vote. They talk and talk and talk particularly about how much they hate Republicans (until they grow up to be one) and can't we just love each other. But when it comes time to actually vote, they are usually too busy talking to girlfriends about their boyfriends, getting high or playing video games to actually go vote.

When these young wide-eyed idealists actually get around to getting a job, buying a house, and trying to support a family, they notice that in exchange for the 50% of their lives that they give up to the government through taxes, they get exactly squat in return. Then they get some sense and start voting Republican.

The Republicans got smacked in 2006 largely because they grew fat at the public trough and forgot why we sent them there. Congresscritters, there is work to be done - the government hasn't shrunk at all since 1994, in fact it's grown faster than ever. If Republicans want to regain control of Congress, you must return to your roots.


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