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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Democrats talk the talk...

but don't walk the walk.

Democrats just decided to tell the 18 million people who voted for Hillary Clinton in the primaries, "thanks, but we don't need you now."

Now I am no fan of Clinton (either one) and don't want her to be President. But there's an observation to be made here. The Democratic establishment doesn't want her to be President, either, preferring a man for the job, two men in fact, including one who almost noone voted for. For all the talk of "breaking the glass ceiling" Democrats like to do, they certainly made a 'conservative' choice.

While Democrats always talk about equality and fairness, where is it in practice? While Democrats always accuse Republicans of being backward, who is it that's being backward now?

Republicans appointed the first black Secretary of State, then another, and a woman to boot. The first woman ambassador to the UN was a woman Republican. The first woman head of state in an English-speaking country was Maggie Thatcher in the UK, a conservative.

Democrats like to thump their chest and take credit for blacks and women in high positions. Republicans just do it - do you know why? Merit.

Democrats say terrible things about blacks and women who are Republicans; they question their intelligence, they call them tools, uncle Toms, traitors, sellouts, just because these are women and blacks that don't toe the Democrat party line.

Democrats are the one using women and blacks as tools, for political power.

Republican women and blacks are in their positions on the basis of merit.

You figure it out.


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