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Friday, August 08, 2008

The Democrat Hall of Shame

William J Jefferson: took a $90,000 cash bribe (among numerous others). He claims innocence, but innocent people don't hide $90,000 cash in their freezer.
William Jefferson Clinton: lied under oath to a grand jury, disbarred.
Kwame Kilpatrick (Mayor of Detroit): improper affair with a subordinate, lied about it (why not? Clinton did!), assault.
John Edwards: cheated on his wife, there's a love-child to show for it, lied about it for months to the press.
Robert Wexler: Congressman from Florida who hasn't lived in Florida for 10 years, violating residency requirements.
Barack Obama: openly consorts with terrorists and America-hating radicals.

As always, you are trying to get us to turn our attention to short-term matters (for example, "it's the economy, stupid").

But America periodically remembers that it is, in fact, about character, stupid.

Dems hate Bush because he's a man of character, who sticks to his principles, and isn't a mask-wearing . Men of principle and character are usually disliked because they refuse to bend to someone else's will.

Men like the above, who bend every which way as the wind blows, who hold themselves above the law, who act immorally day in day out.. well, I will leave it up to America, whether we are better served by slippery, slimy devils, or by men you can trust (even if you disagree with them).


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