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The Hypocrites of Code Pink

From the Code Pink web site (

"My heart aches when I think about tragedy in the lives of so many in Darfur, and how their cries for help go unheeded, especially by the leaders in this country. Genocide in our time is unacceptable. Our government should be doing everything in its power to stop the suffering, to stop the pain, to stop the violence." -- Medea Benjamin


"January 11 is the International Day to Shut Down Guantanamo. Join protests that will be taking place all over the country."
"As Bush considers sending thousands of additional troops to Iraq to control the violence, our troop death toll has reached the 3,000 mark. It is crucial that we commemorate this grim milestone in Bush's disastrous war by pressuring Congress to bring the troops home NOW, and to stop this insanity NOW!"

Code Pink is a steaming pile of hypocrital offal.

First off, they demand "our government do everything in its power to stop the violence in Darfur" (right after blaming the US for it). Does that include military intervention? Because that's what it will take. Whether it be US troops, or "UN Peacekeepers" who are authorized to fight, as opposed to the typical variety who just stand around and do nothing.

Second, they call the Iraq war "disastrous" because 3,000 US soldiers have died. Indeed, that is tragic. But they seem to forget that we succeeded in removing Saddam Hussein from power - a murderous butcher who was engaged in substantial genocide himself, not to mention starting multiple regional wars. I guess when Code Pink says "Genocide in our time is unacceptable", what they really mean is, "Genocide in Darfur is unacceptable, but Genocide in Iraq under Saddam is just fine by us, we wish he had been left alone to continue his butchery."

Finally, they went to Cuba to protest the "torture" of inmates at Guantanamo. Despite the fact that there have never been any actual allegations of torture there (disrespect of the Koran is not torture), despite the fact that the inmates at Guantanamo are routinely visited by the International Red Cross, despite the fact that the inmates there were captured in battle against the United States. Guantanamo inmates are alive and well; those same inmates, were positions reversed, would surely by now have tortured and executed any Americans under their power.

The insane irony of the Code Pink Cuba trip, though, is the fact that the 11+ million residents of Cuba are living in daily slavery, faced starvation in the 90's, have no freedom of expression, and "disappear" if they criticize Castro.

Code Pink is in Cuba, to protect the "rights" of enemy combatants, but totally ignores the daily human rights violations committed upon 11 million Cubans!

The sad fact is, Code Pink's values are not peace and human rights. Code Pink simply opposes George Bush. They will say anything to attack him, and defend and support anyone who opposes him even if those allies are slavemasters or brutal butchers. They are silent on Castro's abuses of the Cuban people, because Castro opposes Bush. Therefore Castro is an ally in the war against Bush. Citizens of Cuba, Code Pink has sold you up the river over politics!

Shame on you, Code Pink, shame on you!


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