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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Horn of Africa

Lost in the news about the ongoing battles in Somalia, and the US re-entry into Somalia after Clinton's disastrous 1994 "peace mission" there, is the fact that the US is cooperating with many horn of Africa nations in combating Islamic terrorists there.

Forces from Ethiopia, Somalia, and Kenya are all cooperating in attacking the Islamofascists in Somalia. Al Qaeda and their homegrown Somali brethren are on the run

Of course, Europe is widely condeming the US airstrike which reportedly killed the man behind the 1998 embassy bombings. More to the point, they are widely condemning US military action at all. While Islamofascists in Somalia were oppressing a nation of millions, Europe would prefer to talk. Just talk, talk, talk is all they want and all the world ever gets from Europe.

Of course, military action alone does not build a nation. To do that you need ideas, and to get ideas you have to talk.

But no constructive dialog is possible when a nation is held on a short leash by oppressors.

Europe, we are well aware that you would rather be a slave to some dictator than fight for freedom.

But perhaps the rest of world - well, Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and the US anyway - believe differently.

This is the first time I have ever been cheered by any news out of Africa. Ever. Cheers to the nations of the African horn, for taking your destiny into your hands, and choosing freedom over the oppression which has long been your lot to endure!


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