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Thursday, July 13, 2006

World War III

World War III is starting to flare up again. This conflict, which started in decades past and will continue for decades more, is the battle of Islamic Fascism versus the free world.

The immediate situation started three weeks ago in late June 2006, when Hamas operatives kidnapped an Israeli soldier, then demanded the release of thousands of Palestinian Arab prisoners held in Israel.

Of course, many of the Arabs we are talking about are in those prisons for acts of terrorism and violence. Hamas wants them freed for the obvious reason - to help fight their declared war of destruction against Israel.

Two days ago, on July 11, Hezbollah did the same, this time crossing the border into Israel, attacking Israeli troops, murdering some and kidnapping two. They fled into Lebanon with the Israeli kidnappees, and again demanded the release of Palestinian prisoners.

Hezbollah and Hamas are proxies for Iran and Syria. It is believed Iran funds these and other terrorist groups with $100M or more per year. Iran has pledged the destruction of Israel, as have Hamas and Hezbollah.

Given this background, Israel of course chose to retaliate, to apply pressure on several fronts:
1) on the legitimate government of Lebanon, who claims to have no power over Hezbollah, but who has always rejected demands that they disarm Hezbollah. Hezbollah is in defacto control of southern Lebanon and parts of Beiruit. Lebanon has an army - Israel rightly suggests that Lebanon should utilize that army to stop the actions of a gang of armed thugs - Hezbollah.
2) on Iran and Syria, who fund and help direct the actions of these terrorist groups.

The reactions of other parts of the world were to be expected. The United States rightly stated support for Israel's right to self-defense. Israel has every right to take whatever actions are necessary to free their citizens from the hands of kidnappers.

Europe condemned Israel's reaction far more strongly than they condemned the Arab kidnappings that created the situation we are in. This is typical, although the fact that Europe condemned the terrorists at all is somewhat surprising. Is Europe starting to "get it"? Perhaps.

This brings me to my next thought... Europe, anti-Semitism, and Socialism.


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