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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Anti-Semitism of the Socialist Left

In the history of the 20th Century, violent anti-semitism is most commonly associated with its most famous executive - Adolph Hitler.

However, anti-semitism has a long history in Europe, and in particular, it has a long association with Socialism.

Hitler's hatred of Jews was not a freak aberration on the Continent. In fact, part of the reason he rose to power so quickly is that many Europeans sympathized with his beliefs. For a thousand years, Jews in Europe have been vilified; accused of everything from secret control of governments, to hoarding gold, to actually eating babies. Scapegoating Jews is something pretty close to Europe's national pastime, right behind football.

The European socialist movements capitalized on this, as one of many weapons of class warfare. In fact, it is still common to this day to see the phrase "Jewish bourgeois nationalists" on socialist web sites. (Google it).

Socialists are still firing their "Jews are the cause of all our problems" weapons. Europe is socialist, anti-semitism (and in fact, other racisms such as nationalism, anti-black racism, etc) are prevalent throughout the Continent.

To see Europe continue to attack Israel for defending itself is to be expected. European socialists walk hand-in-hand with Islamic fascists, when it comes to killing Jews.

p.s. An oddity of history: Current socialists / left-wingers will tell you that Hitler was a "rightist". This is a fascinating reversal, because Hitler was a socialist (leftist) through and through. You cannot implement socialism without state control of property and of people's live's, and this is exactly what Hitler did. Socialists claiming that Hitler was on "the right" is an attempt to put their sins on the backs of others.

p.p.s. "Left and Right" don't mean much. Aside from being relative terms (e.g., Noam Chomsky claims the US media is controlled by the "right", yet Dan Rather considers himself a centrist and Pat Robertson believes Rather wants to be buried next to Lenin), they are easily misconstrued by whoever is doing the labelling. Whereas it's much harder to dodge responsibility for the results of executing socialism, if you call its most successful adherents (Hitler, Stalin) by their proper names.


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