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The Left does NOT Stand for Free Speech

From on January 20, 2005:

Keep Sinclair's Bias Off The Local News

Every night, Sinclair Broadcasting vice president Mark Hyman gives a conservative rant - called "The Point" - which most of Sinclair's 62 stations are required to air during their local news. "The Point" predictably attacks Democrats and progressives while praising George Bush. No counterpoint is offered. Our friends at Media Matters for America are spearheading a campaign to demand balance on Sinclair's evening news by telling Sinclair's advertisers about the partisanship they're supporting.

Contact Sinclair's local and national advertisers.

Of course, says nothing about stopping the New York Times from continuing its massively slanted editorials. They don't want to stop THAT news outlet from editorializing, only because happens to agree with the NYT socialist slant.

The fact that MoveOn uses the word "Rant" to discuss a conservative point of view is also telling. See, only "progressives" are enlightened, intelligent, and rational. Anyone who disagrees with them is a nutjob that is foaming at the mouth and must be stopped to protect Democracy!

Sinclair Broadcasting owns their stations, and they have the right, as does any other media outlet, to have an editorial agenda.

The truly frightening thing, though, is that Progressives and Democrats in the Senate attempted to use government power to stop Sinclair from airing a program critical of John Kerry.

The Founders put protection for free speech in the Constitution *specifically* to ensure that the government couldn't quash the fundamental right of a free people to hold, discuss, and promulgate ideas that might not be politically popular.

Yet the Progressives are trying to use the power of the government, through the FCC, through petitions to Congress, and other means, in an attempt to prevent the owners of Sinclair Broadcasting from having their say.

Remember, so-called Progressives are the inheritors of fascism and socialism, the political philosophies that said that the government should control the minute details of people's lives, and that elites in government should control what people see and hear in order to preserve the power of the state.

Sinclair Broadcasting's editorials are a vigorous exercise of free speech.'s attempt to silence Sinclair is an ominous attempt to resurrect fascism and socialism in America, to use the power of government force to silence opposing viewpoints.

Fortunately, at the FCC reason prevailed, and they rightly surmised that to act against Sinclair would be a gross violation of the First Amendment. It's strange that the Democrat Senators who were pushing for FCC action against Sinclair, were too blinded by ideology to be bothered to re-read the First Amendment.

"Conservative" is not a derogatory label, if what you are trying to conserve is individual freedom and liberty.


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