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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Today's Degenerate Politics

Law may properly intervene only where one's actions harm another person, without their voluntary consent.

Government is not about any particular morality. It should be about banning force in human relationships so that all individuals may operate under whatever moral choices they think best. Almost all choices are moral because almost all choices affect our long-term lives, happiness and survival in some way. 

By guaranteeing each person the freedom to pursue their own goals in any way they want (absent force) we will evolve as a society much more quickly than if a thug or gang forces everyone to live according to their particular choices - because we will see more quickly what works and what doesn't. And more fundamentally, we will live as *men* with our minds - instead of as animals do, by brute force.

Our experiment in freedom has devolved into two rival gangs constantly vying to control government's power in order to restrict the freedom of choice of others.

Those of us in the Liberty movement must explicitly and loudly identify this fact, and explain to everyone who will listen how it's up to them whether they want to have a civilized society of persuasion, or a barbaric society of force.
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Everyone is entitled their opinion. But you are not entitled to force that opinion upon others, through law, coercion, threats, or force.

So conservatives, this means you. Stop trying to control what adults can do in their own homes. Stop trying to insert your religion into government. Stop trying to punish people for behavior that is none of your business.

And liberals - this means you, too. Stop telling me how to run my business. Stop telling me what products I can make, how much I can sell them for, how I structure them, or who I sell them to. Stop it.

Stop arguing over who gets to hold the gun. Stop arguing over who gets to control the lives of others. NEITHER of you have any right to control the lives of others. Period.


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