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Murder in the US

In 2011, I calculate the overall US murder rate as 4.6 per 100,000 population.

But if you recalculate this, and assumed that black men murdered at the same rate as everyone else, the overall rate would drop to 1.9 out of 100,000 population. That would give the United States the 147th highest murder rate in the world - or, the 60th best.

The insane disproportionate murder rate among US blacks is why the overall US murder rate seems so high.

I don't understand why liberals refuse to talk about this. I don't understand why blacks refuse to talk about this. Blacks are just as often the victim as the offender - almost SIXTY PERCENT of murder victims in the US are black. Shouldn't they care about this? Where are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to talk about this? Yet they are silent.

And it's not like this is any secret. This culture of violence, abuse of women, and plain thuggery is paraded around daily in pop music. It's glorified on TV shows like "The Wire". It's in our faces every day. And yet we evade it.

And most of this goes on in cities where guns are already illegal.

The bottom line here is that ownership of guns by the vast majority of the American public leads to absolutely no discernible difference in murder rate between the US and the other Western countries. The *entire* difference in total murder rate between the US and Europe is explained by a single, small sub-culture that glorifies violence and lives and dies by the gun.

I know, most liberals reading this have already covered their ears and are screaming "racist! racist!" to avoid having to face these facts. But this isn't about race. Most blacks in the US don't live this way.  If you went back to the 1920s and 1930s and did this same math, the gang violence would be by and against Europeans. The gangster culture did not start with inner-city blacks, but that is certainly where it thrives today.

This isn't about some random whack job being able to kill kids in a school. That's 100 deaths a year max. Tragic, yes, but absolutely nothing compared to the everyday, out of control slaughter in the "gangsta" culture. (And taking eveyone's guns away only gives us no defense against these random acts - or against garden variety thugs.)

Unless we are willing to face these facts, unless we are prepared to stand up to this anti-life culture, no bleeding-heart gun ban is going to do one single thing about the US murder rate.


Anonymous said…
Haven't you heard, "thug" is dog whistle for nigger-us racists need a new secret code word.
KennyHeigths said…
The HBO television series "The Wire" did not glorify gun violence or gangster ethics. In fact, the series clearly illustrated the problems blacks face as a result of generational welfarism, failing schools, gangs, drugs and gun violence. If ever there was an indictment more damning of Democrat Party policies and leadership, then this series is its close second. If you want to understand inner-city Democratic machine politics, the causes of poverty, drug-culture gangsterism, union thuggery, and a host of other ailments suffered by blacks and bankrolled by federal welfare dollars, then take the time to watch this series.
Donna said…
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