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Monday, March 15, 2010

Blatant Hypocrisy in Obama's Health Care Circus

At a campaign rally, I mean a health-care stump speech, in Ohio today, Obama trod out a poor victim of evil insurance companies.

"Obama planned to visit Strongsville, Ohio, home of cancer patient Natoma Canfield, who wrote the president she gave up her health insurance after it rose to $8,500 a year. Obama repeatedly has cited that letter from a self-employed cleaning worker who lives in the Cleveland suburb to illustrate the urgency of the massive overhaul."

And what would happen to this woman under Obamacare? $8,500 is where the 40% excise tax on "cadillac insurance plans" kicks in.

So Democrats in Congress are demonizing this woman for spending "too much". While the excise tax supposedly is to be levied against insurance companies, given their slim profits the only way insurance companies could afford the tax is to pass it on to their customers.

So this poor woman's insurance would not have been $8,500, but instead $11,900. That would sure help her out.

Note that none of the multi-millionaires to billionaires on the Democrat side of the aisle offered to write her a check. You'd think, since they are all about "compassion" that's what they'd do. But no.

Democrat Jared Polis (worth $160M) did not offer to help her.
Democrat John Kerry (worth $267M) did not offer to help her.
Democrat Hillary Clinton (worth $30M) did not offer to help her.
Democrat Jane Harman (worth $409M) did not offer to help her.
Democrat Barack Obama (worth $1.3M) did not offer to help her.

You see, it's more valuable to be able to use this woman for their political gains.

Instead, what all these people want to do is penalize her by slapping a 40% excise tax on her "cadillac" health plan. I'm sure Obama's poor stooge thinks of herself as a wealthy beneficiary of a "too generous" plan.

Obamacare has nothing to do with helping people get and keep medical care. It has everything to do with the Federal Government taking over 16% of the economy, and putting health decisions in the control of bureaucrats - more government union members who will vote Democrat. More American citizens beholden to the government and government power for their very lives.


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