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I am Sick of Politicians Taking Credit for Your Hard Work

It's happening already - politicians such as Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi are taking the credit for your hard work.

The past two years have been a very hard time for many.

We are now seeing some economic growth and growth of perhaps 4-5% is projected for next year (let's hope it's true). And guess who is taking credit for it? Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

Yet the government cannot create wealth. If the government taxes you to spend money to build a bridge and employ some people, it does so at the expense of the job creation that would have resulted had you been free to spend your own money. The difference is whether you get to act in freedom, or whether the central planner's in Washington's Politburo acts on your behalf - in a distinct lack of freedom.

Barry and Nancy are saying "Look at this bridge we built!" while encouraging you not to look at the hundreds of thousands of homes that were NOT built because of radically increased taxes and debt. For each billion dollars spent on bailing out the dinosaur GM, 10,000 kids could have gone through MIT or medical school. Are we now that short-sighted a nation that we are willing to trade in millions of human lives for a little short-term benefit? For every billion dollars in bank bailouts and prop-ups of bad mortgages, tens of thousands of small businesses will not be started.

If government "stimulus" spending creates net "new jobs" it is only because we are robbing trillions of dollars from our children to pay for them. It's not real, and it won't last. Obama's "stimulus" is simply more unabashed charges on the national credit card, nothing more than a delay of a much deserved hangover.

Yet in spite of the largest single unapologetic transfer of wealth in our nation's history, in spite of being robbed blind for political payoffs, we the working public are engineering an economic recovery.

To the extent we can (reduced by the amount being pilfered from our bank accounts) we are investing in our businesses, in reducing debts, in becoming more efficient. To the extent the economy is growing at all, it is because of your own hard work, the sweat of your brow, and the thinking and planning of your mind. For Barry and Nancy to take the credit for your hard work is completely shameless. Not only do they steal your wealth but they steal the credit for creating your wealth too.

But YOU put food in people's mouths, roofs over their heads, insure their health or nurse them back to health, heat their homes and power their cars, invent the technology of future. Through your hard work every day you make this country great. And through your work you are returning the United States to economic growth and prosperity.

YOU. Not Pelosi, and not Obama.

They owe you an apology. But you're not likely to get one. You will just have to grin and bear it while Barry and Nancy reassure you that they are the ones who know what's best for you.


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