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Where's the post-racial presidency?

Many Democrats, and now Jimmy Carter, have claimed that opposition to Obama's government takeover of the US health care system are "racist" or "motivated by racism":

This is complete and utter nonsense, Carter, and you know it. Yes there are some racists out there. Who cares? When hundreds of thousands of people descend on Washington DC to protest Obama's socialized medicine proposals, it's about socialism, stupid!

The real story here should be, why does anyone still pay attention to anything Jimmy Carter says, when he is widely held as the worst modern president? Why does the media continue to feature Carter prominently? Why do they seek his input and advice on economic issues when under Carter we had double-digit inflation, double-digit interest rates, and shrinkage of real income across the nation? Because he's a socialist and the media is biased, maybe?

The second real story here is that the supposed "post-racial president" is sitting back and letting his lackeys play the race card for him. He hasn't said a single word in opposition to these claims of racism. It seems clear that Obama is content to let others silence dissent through the argument from intimidation ("if you disagree with Obama you must be a racist"), while he himself pretends to be "post-racial" and above that sort of thing.

Did we expect anything other than the Big Lie from an administration that takes its cues and most of its key personnel from the Clinton administration? This is Bait and Switch in a big way, and the president's tanking approval numbers are starting to show it.


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Megan, you overlooked one obvious thing that could help. 

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