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Saturday, September 22, 2007

A new low in liberal/leftist/"progressive" discourse

A college newspaper in Fort Collins, Colorado, recently had the following to say:

Aside from the fact that President Bush had as much to do with the Florida taser incident as he had to do with what I had for breakfast, this so-called "editorial" shows that the leftists of America have nothing to say. Literally. They have nothing to say but to emit an incoherent temper tantrum. They exist at this point merely to scream and stamp their feet like little children. They run around calling anyone that disagrees with their antiquated socialist anti-American politics a "liar". And I am not exaggerating. The leaders of the New Left, the Democrats running for President, all called General Petraeus a liar, they refused to denounce the ad from MoveOn calling him a "betrayer". It is clear where their loyalties lie.

The fact that Bush elicits this kind of outrage from leftist idiots is, frankly, to be considered a point in his favor.

Some people think the socialist ideology is dead, and no longer a threat. I disagree. These people are so low, the only place lower for them to go is violence.

Are we looking at a re-run of the 1960's "protests" where unbathed, stoned hippies routinely threw rocks at police and rioted for no reason?

I sure hope so. We have plenty of jail space for them now.


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