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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Civil War in Gaza

So you see, the Left's favorite poster children, the so-called "Palestinians", are fighting amongst themselves.

The battle rages between the secular-socialist Fatah, and the Islamofascist Hamas. After a few very tenuous months of a power-sharing agreement, they are rapidly devolving into bloody conflict.

From this we learn several things. Firstly these Hamas Arabs (funded and trained by Iran) are content to kill each other, their so-called "brothers". There will be no peace with Israel with these fanatics in charge - indeed, with these fanatics alive anywhere.

Second, this is the same battle playing out throughout the Muslim world. The forces of socialist modernism versus religious fundamentalism. In Saudi Arabia, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Indonesia - the new is fighting the old for control over people's minds, and willing to murder innocents to achieve that goal.

Given the above, we come to the third point - in Iraq, US leftists (aka Socialists) claim that the US is to blame for the "civil war" in Iraq. Yet the Palestinians are engaged in outright warfare, not just hit and run attacks, and leftist media outlets are afraid to call it a "Civil war". They prefer not to, since they can't then blame the US for their favorite "oppressed people's" conflict.


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