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Friday, December 01, 2006

Same-old Socialist Sing-Song

Rarely is the true intent of Socialists lade bare so clearly as in Mexico in the past few days.

"After camping out in Congress for three days in an attempt to control the speaker's podium and prevent Calderon from taking office, Mr Obrador's supporters seized the chamber's entrances yesterday morning. They draped a giant banner across the chamber reading "Mexico doesn't deserve a traitor to democracy as president," and exchanged punches with ruling-party officials."
This election was widely monitored by third parties, was ruled by Mexico's highest election courts as valid, and was close. Even though his margin was only 1%, Calderon won the election.

The "traitor to democracy" then is clearly those who were using physical force - threats, physical possession of the stage, and violence - to try to prevent the winner of the election from taking office. These people are not Calderon and his supporters, but Obrador and his fellow Socialists.

Socialists are all for "democracy" as long as they win the election. If they don't win the election, it's always claimed there was fraud. Note the 2000 / 2004 presidential election in the US: the left / socialists and "progressives" toted out the same arguments and bromides. In fact, Bush's larger margin of victory in 2004 was "proof" to the Socialists that fraud must have taken place - how else, they wonder, could Bush have won again? Surely everyone has seen the progressive light!

The reason progressives challenge every election they lose is their sheer lust for power. Their entire reason for being is to gain power and tell other people how to live their lives down to fine, daily detail.


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