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Monday, August 21, 2006

The Anfal Campaign

From the Washington Post,

Months later, the first of eight waves of the Anfal campaign was launched, lasting until the end of 1988 and moving systematically across northeastern Iraq. The military bombarded villages, sometimes with mustard gas and nerve agents, then sent in troops to raze the communities. Families were taken to camps by the truckload, while in some cases men were executed on the spot, the rights group's report said.

THE CAMPS: Tens of thousands were taken to prison camps in northern and central Iraq, where men and boys were separated from their families. Most of the males disappeared, executed by firing squad and buried in mass graves. Women, children and elderly were held for months in crowded, unsanitary conditions that caused further deaths, according to Human Rights Watch."

This was precisely Hitler's "final solution" to the "Jewish problem". Please bear in mind that Saddam Hussein is the man with whom the American leftists / progressives / socialists wanted us to "negotiate" with. This is the man who only 2 years later would invade Kuwait - and he would have invaded Saudi Arabia had the US not intervened.

Those who harp on that we should not have invaded Iraq because "there were no WMDs" are missing the point.

Saddam Hussein IS a weapon of mass destruction. Having someone so callously indifferent to human life at the head of a nation with massive oil wealth, who turned that wealth into genocide, is intolerable. His mere existence as a dictatorial head of state, in charge of those kinds of assets, was a constant threat to all free peoples.

There is also a broad misconception about the Iraq conflict:

There have actually been two wars in Iraq. We won the first war in one month, overturning the Hussein regime. The second war started some months after that, as Islamic fascists moved in and took advantage of the security vacuum to start slaughtering civilians and US troops for their own agenda - an agenda which has nothing to do with Saddam Hussein.

Some of the Islamofascists were homegrown in Iraq - for example, Muqtada al Sadr, head of one of the largest private militias and a thorn in the side of the US since we went to Iraq. Some of them were imported - from Iran (who is providing support to al Sadr), al Qaeda, and enterprising terrorist upstarts from all over. Some smaller number of fascists were Friends of Saddam, elements of the old regime, getting support, money and intelligence from the friendly also-Ba'athist regime in Syria.

Islamofascists started a new war, a second Iraq war, against the United States in mid-2003. At the time we failed to properly deal with this new threat. The borders with Syria and Iran flowed with money, weapons, and young Islamic sheep looking for their 72 virgins in heaven.

The Left keeps passing lies about this conflict. They want Americans to believe that the "resistance" is composed of simple, honest Iraqi men who only want the US to leave and then will live in peace. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, at this point many factions are vying for control of Iraq and its oil wealth - and all of them want to turn that wealth into weapons to use against infidels everywhere - just like papa Saddam was doing.

This war can be won - and this war MUST be won, for that reason. Losing in Iraq means that Islamic terrorists will have gained a fantastically dangerous weapon to use against us - a state.


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