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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Out of the mouths of religious kooks

My friends know that I am generally supportive of George Bush.

But his recent comments suggesting that "intelligent design" should be taught in schools alongside evolution were just plain dumb.

"Intelligent Design" is nothing more than a pseudo-scientific whitewash of Christian creation myth.

The notion that "life is so complex it must have been created by an intelligence" is not only simplistic and primitive, it's just plain wrong. If life was created by an intelligence, it was an incompetent intelligence. E.g., why do I have an appendix? All it does is collect crap and get infected. Does the Creator belong to a union that protects this kind of incompetence?

There is an overwhelming mountain of evidence supporting evolution. To compare this to "intelligent design" and to teach kids that the two are somehow equivalent unproven "theories" is to show no understanding of how science works, and ignores that mountain of evolutionary evidence.


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