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Democrats are champions at Court-Stacking says of the "nuclear option":

Their plan is to throw out 200 years of checks and balances in the Senate, by silencing the minority party for the first time in American history. It's a maneuver so outrageous that even Republicans call it the "nuclear option." It will take 51 senators to defeat them, and the vote is probably less than a month away.

If Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist can twist enough arms to get 51 votes in support of Cheney's ruling, the minority party will be completely silenced for the first time ever.

No, indeed, it happened before. Does anyone remember Franklin Delano Roosevelt? And talk about stacking the court. FDR, a Democrat, was the champion at this.

What MoveOn.Org means by all this is that they don't want courts stacked with judges the people want, and who will interpret the Constitution based on the plain meaning of its plain words - they want the courts to be full of radical, activist, socialist judges.

And I quote:

"Despite these developments, Roosevelt refused to withdraw his court-reform bill. While he did agree to compromise, FDR's chances of getting the bill through Congress began to look poor. The Senate Judiciary Committee, although dominated by Democrats, issued a report that recommended against the president's proposal. "This bill," the report declared, "is an invasion of judicial power such as has never before been attempted in this Country."

DEMOCRATS said that the actions of FDR were an "invasion of judicial power such as has never before been attempted in this Country." Which is funny because that's exactly the claim is trying to make against the Republicans now.

So when cries about the Republicans doing what their socialist hero FDR tried to do and largely succeeded in doing, you see, their cries seem foul and fake.

Perhaps it's the case that is simply ignorant and unaware of history. But I doubt it. They seem like smart, well-spoken people. I am certain they are aware of the sleazy tricks by which the Democrats gained massive power and threw out the Constitution, using the Depression as an excuse to implement a socialist welfare state.

Republicans have taken millions of dollars from their corporate backers. Now as payback, they're trying to force through judges who will favor those same corporate interests by overturning laws protecting the environment, civil rights, and workers laws these companies have been trying to get rid of for years.

That's funny. DEMOCRAT Congresswoman Diana DeGette has taken more money from corporate giant Qwest than any Colorado Republican. This information is public record. Why does MoveOn try to claim that Republicans are the "tools of big business"?

Because MoveOn.Org promulgates the tired old class-warfare sing-song of the Socialist movement.

But guess what - in a free nation, everyone is a capitalist. Everyone has the right and freedom to work as hard as they want, to save their money, and to build a future that is under their own individual control.

MoveOn.Org wants a socialist vision, where government and its cronies tell you what to do, where to go, how much money you can make. And they want judges on the Federal bench that make law by fiat, and are scared to death of judges who will go back to interpreting and applying the law that Congress - beholden and accountable to the people - makes. Judges are accountable to noone - to have judges make law is no different than having a king or absolute dictator. Yet this was the "Progressive" vision in the 20th century.

Fortunately, the tide of history changes once again.


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