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Leftist Conspiracies

"A new survey shows that a majority of African-Americans believe a cure for AIDS (search) has been found but deliberately withheld from the poor. The survey, conducted by Oregon State University (search) and the Rand Corporation (search), also found that nearly half of the African-Americans believe the AIDS virus is man made.

In addition, 27 percent say AIDS was produced in a government lab. Sixteen percent say AIDS was created by the government to control the black population. Fifteen percent say AIDS is a form of genocide against blacks. And 12 percent say it was created and spread by the CIA.",2933,145460,00.html

and also:

In a Benneton advertisement (see November 12, 1992 edition of Rolling Stone for an example), movie director Spike Lee said, "AIDS is a government-engineered disease."

When someone like Spike Lee goes onto a national forum says exactly the same unsubstantiated, race-hate-mongering tripe (back in the 90's), and not a single person in the media challenges him on it - what the hell do you expect to happen?

And Bill Cosby chimed in too:

In the December 4, 1991 edition of The New York Post, comedian Bill Cosby said that AIDS was "started by human beings to get after certain people they don't like."

Evidence, gentlemen? (Of course not. The best conspiracy theories require a complete absence of evidence).

AIDS spreads almost entirely by sexual promiscuity coupled with an absence of the use of condoms, or sharing of IV drug needles.

Keep your gun in your holster, and you won't get AIDS. Don't use dirty needles to shoot smack and you won't get AIDS. It's pretty goddamn simple. And that applies to everyone, not just blacks. Go visit the homosexual community in San Francisco and see how "black" AIDS is.

Unfortunately, Spike "I'm a socialist wacko" Lee isn't the only nutjob who believes this:

None of this is very far removed from the lefist conspiracy nuts who claim that jet airplane vapor trails are actually chemical sprays designed to keep people sick. Clearly, the mainstream has left the Left, and what's left of the Left is whack jobs.


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